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Night Spirit – New Cover-art by Roselyne Cazazian for Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways

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It’s all about the new show art design (for Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways), the artist behind it, and the resonance that “Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways” has been receiving over the past few months. Wouldn’t you like to know which episodes have done the best so far. Stick around till the end to find out – on this the 26th of May, 2023.

The New cover design in purple that you now see in your player is by Roselyne Cazazian – an artist currently located in Montreal, Canada. Roselyne does design and illustration, also for Books. She describes or categorizes her work as Vintage, glam & a touch of whimsy – and that works for me.

This particular art piece in purple is called “Night Spirit” – a rather recognisable piece I’d say that fits well to the mood that I imagine for my show right now. With a bit of luck; I might even get the chance to introduce you to Roselyne one day soon, to share with us a little about the things that inspire her work.

This show format is still experimental, and that means that I am still – as I said feeling out the resonance that comes from the episodes, how it all makes me feel, and I am really curious to see how it all unfolds.

Top Three to Date

The show episodes that have done the best so far are:

Conversations with Hamid, of Chapati Berlin – hand and heart #5

Feminine Role in the Arts: dominant stereotypes, sexism, objectification, guilt as a weapon #4

Who are you and what is yours: Ai, IP, Trust – and the Living Artist – Alexander Klebe #12


Cover Artist: Roselyne Cazazian – @rozkazaz Instagram

Backing music courtesy of: cruisechen, psychedelic rock impro. for “life is feeling” – @wwhatissleep Instagram

Life is Feeling - Counting The Ways - ShowArt - Ian Antonio Patterson

Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways







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