Ian Antonio Patterson

Training, Coaching, Community :

  • I help working-professionals to excel at their use of English as a second language for work – personalized training (modules) and coaching on my own platform. ALE – at www.TrainingTree.de – (since 2007).
  • I work with diverse educational institutions contractually.
  • I organize and endorse social learning events, shows and workshops for sustainable language acquisition.
  • I help students / academics to pass English exams: IELTS, Cambridge English Certificate, MSA, eBBR, BBR.

Ian Antonio Patterson

Podcasting and Associated Media :

  • For Clients: podcast episode and / or show planning, production and launch support.
  • For Show-guests: hosting conversations on either – “English Coach Podcast – Living the Language” OR “Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways“. Both independent podcasts listed at – www.LifeisFeeling.com. Essentially art projects comprising spoken word media available everywhere.
  • Photography: Portrait & PR enthusiast’s photography done in a professional way.

CV :

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Reality :

“…born on a rock, lived, loved, will die and be forgot – or at best misquoted – so I live.”

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