Life is Feeling - counting the ways - Podcast-Episode 12

Who are you and what is yours: Ai ChatGPT, IP, Trust – and the Living Artist – Alexander Klebe and iAntonio

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Conversation with Alexander Klebe

Intentionally non-pretentious and for the most part non-scripted – this is where we explore – some of the secrets, insights, and lived-experiences – of real people.

Today we make no exception – and our guest for today’s show Episode 12 – calls himself “a photographer for people and brands who helps his client to get the best out of their image”. Alexander Klebe – aka the portrait maker is a family man – with whom I have held acquaintance for about 20 years, since met at my first course of studies here in Germany. Alex owns and operates the well renown Ocean Studio currently located right here in Friedrichshain Berlin Germany, – the portrait maker is a man of many talents.

“Alexander Klebe ist Fotograf für Menschen und Marken in Berlin ( Daneben macht er auch gern Reportagen und arbeitet mit Medien, Menschen und Marketing. Ende 2019 ist sein Buch zum Thema Businessfotografie erschienen welches auch direkt über den Verlag bestellt werden kann:  Seit 2009 betreibt er sein Tageslichtstudio in Berlin wo auch zahlreiche Musikvideos, TV-Beiträge und Magazinstrecken entstanden sind”.


The works: @alex_the_portrait_maker

Backing music courtesy of: @wwhatissleep (Instagram)

Ocean Studio

featuring: Alexander Klebe, Ian Antonio Patterson, and insight on ChatGPT

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