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Feminine Role in the arts: dominant stereotypes, sexism, objectification, guilt as a weapon (1)

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What constitutes the feminine role in the arts. To what extent is the role of an artist charged with purging or correcting random fantasy? Today we talk about managing dominant stereotypes, notions of sexism, objectification, and instances where guilt is inflicted as a weapon. We discuss the importance of safe spaces and hiding places – empathy for and solidarity with friends, work colleagues and co-creators.

Our guest for this episode 4 is Laura Dee – seasoned singer, song writer and Educator – and the aim of todays episode is not to just talk about these things – but to tacitly offer meaningful, true to life strategies, that have been shown to work for others, and might be useful to anyone struggling with these things on the stage of life.  

Life is Feeling – today – in a non-moralising way – offers what COULD be considered advice: for aspiring female performing artists – or any performing artist for that matter who would have it.

Not from me, naturally but from someone who feels it and knows it.

– for anyone who runs the risk of being – whether by accident or design – profiled, misrepresented, appropriated, or relegated – and anyone who simply thinks that in this context – they simply don’t have a choice…

“Life is Feeling – counting the ways” is a self-sponsored – independent podcast, brought to you in association with and its somewhat more conservative sister show English Coach Podcast – Living the Language. For upcoming show events and impressions of other magical moments – do also feel free to visit Laura’s site at .

Show Guest: Laura Dee

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