Life is Feeling - Counting the Ways - Podcast Episode 18

Value for Value Movement: Outlook, Upcoming Collaborations, and The Part You Play – episode 18

The value for value movement is first and foremost in my mind, and I am happy to offer to you, yet another opportunity to live out the multitude of values that help to define you uniquely as a human being. Be it Equity, Democracy, Independent-thought and Freedom, Authenticity or plain and simple Common-sense – pick any one.

Value for value inherently illustrates the simplicity of the relationship that was MADE TO exists between you and your favourite independent podcasters – and through your direct engagement you get to decide what you see and hear, and when and how much – by what you support – no paid subscriptions, no fees, no purposeful violations of your privacy and mine, no request for credit card numbers or the like – and ad free, the way it was meant to be.

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Shownotes Exclusives

V4V promises to revolutionize the relationship between independent-podcasters and listeners – and as we speak the “value for value” philosophy or movement is even shaping to influence the way we consume the content of other creators, such as musicians and other artists.

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Musical Contributions

Backing music courtesy of: cruisechen, psychedelic rock impro. for “life is feeling” – @wwhatissleep Instagram

Life is Feeling - Counting The Ways - ShowArt - Ian Antonio Patterson

Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways







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