Life is Feeling - counting the ways - Ian Antonio Patterson Cover Image Episode 6

The Politics of Dignity – On Status and Exclusion

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Show Guest: Anna Royon-Weigelt (republish)

Intercultural Consultant, Coach and Moderator: – Works: LinkedIn

“The conversations say it all…”


The cover art for this Episode was created by Camila under slightly separate cover, the guest for the show is my good friend Anna, and the musical accompaniments by Andy Beck and Laura Dee in collaboration with Botany Bay. The prime events that set off this train of thought were; an episode of “Lights Camera Real Life” – part of a cross-promotional hosted by my good friend Philip over there in Jamaica – and last but by no means least, the chance invitation from a friend of mine (whose name for all intents and purposes will remain little red) – to attend Tosca, an opera performance in Berlin.

DESCRIPTION Life is Feeling – Counting the Ways

Intentionally non-pretentious and for the most part non-scripted – this is where we explore – some of the secrets, insights, and lived-experiences – of real people. An Art Project, where you get to (1) garner for yourself everything that could be interpreted as practical advice from the achievements, skills, challenges, values-and-attitudes of the compelling personalities featured here (2) get involved in a meaningful uplifting way.

Self-sponsored and independent, multi-faceted sometimes multi-lingual listening experience (EN+DE+JAM) –


Noun form: An emotional state or reaction. The emotional side of someone’s character; emotional responses or tendencies to respond. Strong emotion. An idea or belief, especially a vague or irrational one. An attitude or opinion. The capacity to experience the sense of touch. The sensation of touching or being touched by a particular thing. A sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of…

Adjective Form: A quality of shown emotion or sensitivity.

Verb Form: To examine or search by touch. To be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched. To give a sensation of a particular physical quality when touched. To have the strength and energy to do or deal with. To be strongly affected by. To have compassion for. To hold an opinion.

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The Politics of Dignity – On Status and Exclusion – Anna Royon-Weigelt & Ian Antonio Patterson







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