Life is Feeling - Counting The Ways - ShowArt - Ian Antonio Patterson

#1 Life is Feeling – counting the ways

Episode 1

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Hello my name is Ian Antonio Patterson, and I’d like to welcome you to this the very first episode of the show – comprising a collection of 4 extracts – from 4 different conversations – that will in their entirety be published right here, very soon. 

The full conversations purposely take place in both English and in German, so don’t be too surprised if the language changes sometimes. Most of my listeners are multi-lingual – but depending on the level of feedback I get – time, and resources – I might opt to in the future include summary interpretations in English. There might also be a little Jamaican sometimes.

The name of the show is “Life is Feeling” – and this episode exists for one purpose – to give a little preview of some of the conversations to come. The framing of each episode will always feature a sense of that outlook – lightly guiding our discourse.

Full Show Description

Life is Feeling - Counting The Ways - ShowArt - Ian Antonio Patterson

Non-scripted cordial and playful by design – the show episodes are not intended to be debates – and are expected to unfold in ways that even I myself cannot anticipate. A place where we are all allowed to change our minds, speak from the wisdom of our own experiences for ourselves, agree to disagree and essentially offers no answers to anything. You get to take from it what you will. Whatever the case it works for us, so if you are curious as to how these conversations play out – or are moved to give meaning to what you think about the show – free to use the feedback link on the official showpage at .

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