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Conversations with Elizabeth Hobson – aka AntiFemBot: Feminism, evolving face and perception – Episode-26 (part 1/2)

Elizabeth Hobson (aka AntiFemBot) and mother of two boys, who calls herself an anti-feminist Gender Equality Activist shares with us in an extraordinarily compelling episode 26 – part one of two – originally recorded on the 3rd of September 2023.

Elizabeth’s areas of particular interest include the family and fathers’ rights, domestic abuse, MGM, feminism, and freedom. “Elizabeth wants to end the Sex War – artificially constructed by feminists – and pursue a more just society based on classical liberal values such as liberty, equality and meritocracy” – extract from Bio, link below.

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Part 1/2 – Episode 26

Introducing “AntiFemBot” – Episode 25

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Seminal thought : “ism” schisms – and the typical use of this suffix to express a willingness to exclude and disregard an entire ‘other’ group… Extract from sister show – English Coach Podcast – Living the Language: Episode 82 – “Diversity is as Diversity Does – for World Day for Cultural Diversity“.

Letter from a Listener – for Episode 25

Response from Elizabeth : “I’m a pussycat! I take ideas deeply seriously though. I entirely agree with you re: ‘ism’, it’s profoundly associated with common enemy identity politics presently. And at the moment I think that there are forces afoot that desperately citizens need to unite to defend ourselves against.

I appreciate that in a way that sounds like common enemy politics – and sure there are individuals and groups who are instrumental in the redistribution of resources upwards, and growing surveillance and infringement on our liberties and abilities to lead meaningful lives with solid relationships… But I believe that the individuals responsible for pushing these things are irrelevant. Take them all out and more would manifest. We were told that liberal democracies relied on informed and engaged citizenry (most clearly and beautifully by the US founding fathers), but we failed to take responsibility.

Power is addictive and corrupting, we have known this from classic philosophy, from experience, and we know now from psychological research. We can’t expect to simply vote for representatives and let them do their jobs. We can’t expect to hand over responsibility to experts, with no meaningful oversight of who they’re serving, and trust their advice. We know this. We have the instruction. We have the evidence. But we ignore it. Blood, sweat, tears it came with. But we ignore it.

We say we love our children but we won’t protect their future. We pity those living in explicitly authoritarian regimes, but we won’t be the beacon of hope that could encourage them because it takes some effort. And I believe that the fundamental basis of good societies is individual personal virtue. And virtue makes our lives personally bearable despite the inevitable suffering and injustice that all people will experience. So I would like to talk to you about that, if you’re up for it.

On a personal level, I’ve never been a bad person but I’ve been weak and less than I could be because I refused to live in truth. I came to the place (after a decade of medication and therapy and wanting to die) where I realised that my refusal to feel the fear and enter my personal desert anyway was an inevitable mortal threat. I understood that I didn’t know what was in the desert, and that I didn’t have any reason to assume I would cope, but that out there I might just find life. And I did. I found I’m exponentially stronger than I ever imagined. I found that I am more good and principled than I would think reasonable to expect. And I found a beauty amongst the tragedy that is worth the pain.”

Elizabeth Hobson – 11:50, 18.08.2023 – @AntiFemBot


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