Life is Feeling - counting the ways - Podcast-Episode 13

OnlyFans and Freedom and How the Men Make me Do it: candid conversations with Kat (aka) Keterakete & iAntonio

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Pushing the envelope with candid conversations on life as an erotic model.

The desire to blend in with the crowd, is one of the things that keeps Kat in the big bad city – the freedom to be whatever she wants to be and to find her own bubble.

In this rare encounter we discuss the experience of being photographed, and how “extra viewers” affect the feel and attitude in front of the camera. Special moments that exist between photographer and model that are not for everyone – and the popular narrative of “the strong woman”, who themselves though long emancipated – some men simply don’t know it yet.

We unravel the perception that others have of onlyfans – “how the men make me do it” – and rethink the source of existing demand – and its natural rewards. “The oppression of the blade” and fetishising body hair – the first impulse behind this encounter – features a little less prominently. We explore what it all means, and how it all plays out.

Naturally, we also discussed the perceived influence of this type of work on young minds, and on society as a whole – together with paradoxes around the inherent commercial value – that itself emerges from creating and nurturing taboos – and from an independent podcaster’s perspective, how the essential skill for a life on the microphone is not the ability to speak but a readiness to listen..

Instagram: @keterakete999

Backing music courtesy of: @wwhatissleep

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featuring: Keterakete & iAntonio

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