Life is Feeling - counting the ways - Podcast Cover Art Episode 8

Love, Fear, Beauty, Voice, Intuition, Consent – and the Big Scary Animal – with Angelika Hansen

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Show Guest: Angelika Hansen

“The conversations say it all – and so do her books.”


The cover art for this episode by: Polina Khrystoieva – Instagram.

Backing music: Botany Bay

Intro Text – Ian Antonio Patterson

Hello, my name is Ian Antonio Patterson, your host for Life is “Feeling – Counting the Ways”, where we explore non-scripted -some of the secrets, insights and lived-experiences – of real people.

Self-sponsored and independent – the show offers a multi-dimensional multi-lingual listening experience – and is my invitation to you – to garner for yourself – everything that could be interpreted as practical advice from the skills, experience, values and attitudes of the compelling personalities featured here __ I invite you to further explore the topical themes __ and on your own in your own sweet time, reflect on how all of these play out in our day to day lives.

The show promises no answers to anything, and you get to decide for yourself – what works for you, ___ you get to form your own truths, and if you do find something new, that was of value to you, and want to give something back – all I would ask you to do is to give it away – as in share the show or episode with a friend.

So, what CAN you expect from this episode today? It cuts to the very core of why I do this whole show. Long form content, my preferred approach – distinguishes itself from platitudes and soundbites – mindfully articulating the contexts at hand – and doing proper justice to my guests, the themes and to you.. You get to download, pause, stop, rewind, revisit, skip forward, listen again and again – as many times as you need – Add free – the way it was meant to be.

Our guest for today says:

“I love to be out in the world, over the years I’ve written 4 books about my experiences – one of them twice, first in German, then in English: “Begegnung mit dem Schamanen/ Encounter with the Shaman“, followed by “Sundance“; and “Nur Mut” ”- all of them first person accounts, and generally positive.”

In todays Episode We go on to talk about

5:32 – the feel of silk

8:36 – sense of beauty and gratitude

14:35 – defining “feeling” in the context of the show

18:00 – love and fear, and fear as a life philosophy

29:00 – owning your voice – and curating your own story

31:00 – the notion of “influencer”

33:18 – approach to writing

37:30 – female sexuality: through the lens of fear, love intuition & consent

45:00 – alcohol as a crutch

49:00 – the big scary animal

52:00 – soulless love and the contract

57:00 – voice, consent, and democracy

59:00 – rape by deception

1:02:00 – consent and the checkbox

1:08:00 – freedom of movement

1:14:00 – generosity without expectation or agenda

1:21:00 – where the devil lives

Our esteemed guest for the day; Ms. Angelika Hansen. Todays Episode is sponsored and brought to you by: yours Truly in association with English Coach Podcast – Living the Language and  Backing music provided in parts by Botany bay under creative commons license and at the recommendation of my friend and colleague Laura Dee – who featured in Episode 4 of the show.

The cover art for the Episode was provided by Polina – who came through splendidly with her contribution to this show. I have the greatest respect for the artistic contributions, and exchanges that help to support the show – and She says that I can tell you the following: “I’m an illustrator from Ukraine who creates whimsical artworks 🙂 I’m currently living in Lviv, the western part of Ukraine and I had to move here with my family from Kharkiv due to Russian invasion.” She goes on to say that – “We still brave and creative even without electricity!” I happened upon Polina’s art while browsing Instagram one day and was moved by it. Contacted her and here we are today. What this artistic illustration means to me – considering its purely accidental origin and especially at this time, is its inherent defiant quality that appears fly in the face of oppression, and tacitly speaks truth to power. It is in itself and within this context today – a representation of the importance of independent media – taking ownership of your own voice and articulating it equally – amidst the noise of all the others who would seek to influence and move you to their agenda. The bold unapologetic attitude of this piece speaks to my intention for the show – in the same way I would implore you to give yourself permission to sometimes consider other sources of insight and inspiration – other than the ones that are fed to you in popular paid media. #IndependentPodcasting is all about authenticity, inclusion, balanced conversations with ideas and individual choice – and in so being – a pillar of any democratic ideal.

I want you to take note of the illustration, as it will quite likely feature again on future episodes of this flavour. Feel free to tell me what you think – and be sure to check out Polina’s work for yourself – link in the shownotes.  

And last but by no means least our guest – Angelika Hansen.

The show is freely available everywhere – shownotes exclusives images, videos, and associated links at – If you feel like actively engaging – give meaning to the things you think about the show – by using the feedback forms, and feel free to join the private listeners’ group for an even more human listening experience, and check out the link to the show archives, for a multitude of diverse, and equally compelling themes that might be of interest to you.

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