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featured image: said el amir

Reflections on shooting stage

In this further reflective – chiefly a follow up to artifice which looked at the difference between X & Y – I will seek to put my own explanation model to the test. It’s almost impossible to document without bias, as everything presentational is to varying degrees influenced by idiosyncrasy. To rely on claims of objectivity in this context therefore, could very well be about as wise as relying on the inherent truthfulness of the written word. It comes as no surprise that the real thing is better.

As an image maker ego can affect what I see, feel or what imaginations are entertained. It is this individuality – more palatably put, that also informs what I think I can try to capture and to show – that together with a little sensitivity to rhythm and a steady hand. The camera screams for me to tell it what to wink at, what to give priority and what to give up, and these are only the first few in long list of freedoms that the shooter is tempted to explore. So intent must be clear. A previous promising approach to both agreeably taming the restless ego, and framing mutual intent was broached in – balance.

Authenticity is still another troublesome claim, whereas the legitimacy of such when shooting a staged subject presents with a small dilemma – question raised in artifice. One might rightly retort, that a proper show doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is.. Whatever the case one way it seems, to overcome this slight dichotomy may be to shoot the life as it happens on as well as off the stage – for better framing of situation and said intent.

The knowledge of what can be done in post-processing will affect the way I shoot. All things considered however and well mindful of the fact, that even at this stage, the stage is not mine, any attempt at objective documentation will require clear guidelines and some self-control especially in terms of creative discretion . Either way the variables are endless, once the purpose is clear and covered the rest becomes a delightful imperfect dance with myself.

The Light

The lighting-works for the show were superbly arranged – in retrospect, agreeable and flattering would aptly describe it. Good to have spoken to the crew before, thereby unwittingly adding a meaningful measure of empathy for to their contribution to the canvas. I suspect that this small exchange helped in no small measure, to refresh and foster a more inclusive outlook on the light-works as being a vital part of the show experience and not colours to kill.


Pentax k5 & k3. Perturbations: shutter speed, distance, highlights & aperture. Titivation: windows PC.

Show – July 2, 2016

The show was fantastic with an extra special feel good glow of something splendorous achieved – I can imagine no better first impression of city Leipzig. So in this light and without further ado, hats off to the organisers and a fantastic cast and crew.


The reflections here explored are personal informal and subjective – and are in no way connected to or representative of the views of organisers, performers, technical support team or venue.