Life is Feeling - counting the ways - Episode 14 - Nadine Reussel-Distler and Ian Antonio Patterson

When Humanness and Cutting-edge Technology Collide: Nadine Reussel-Distler, Ian Antonio Patterson

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What it is like to be a part of a self-motivated team in a modern company – working towards making a real – tangible difference in the world. The show today is multilingual, and we focus on the human interface with new technologies within the care giving industry – auf Deutsch – die menschliche Schnittstelle zu neuen Technologien in der Pflegebranche.

The episode speaks to what it is like – to shift a career away from a large strictly hierarchical work structure, towards a smaller organisation that offers much clearer oversight, and more appreciation of individual work. Where does heart and humanness factor in when all these things come together. The conversations today tacitly pose the question – as to whether – what could be seen as abstract technological advances offer the real prospect of actually bringing us closer to our humanity and to each other.

Show Guest: Nadine Reussel-Distler

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Life is Feeling Counting the Ways explores in this episode with yet another true to life dimension of feeling that uniquely defines the human experience – by also confronting us with what it is not. Our guest for today’s episode says – in German “Nichts ist beständiger als der Wandel” – Nothing is more constant than change – Human Resource Management, Program Management and Health-care – count to her credentials – and it is with great pleasure that I present to you today dearest friend and study colleague Ms. Nadine Distler.

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